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There are three types of licenses for a Rons Place Software product:

License Type Characteristics Functionality Price
Lite The license a product ships with Limited Free
Pro Evaluation Professional license valid for 30 days Full (for 30 days) Free
Pro Unlimited Professional License Full $ Product Price

This page explains how to obtain each type.

Getting a Lite License

This license ships with all of our products and installs automatically with it, so all that is needed is to simply download, and install a Rons Place Software product.

Getting a Pro Evaluation License

There are two ways to obtain a Pro Evaluation license key:

  • From within the application.
  • From this website.

The most convenient method is to automatically get a license online from within the application. Sometimes, however, our applications cannot access the internet, so we have provided an alternative route via this website. Possible reasons for our application not being able to access the internet include:

  • A connection is simply not available - the dial-up connection failed, Wi-Fi is out of range (or someone started using a micro wave nearby), mobile signal was lost etc.
  • The computer is running Firewall software that is blocking the application.
  • The network the computer is attached to is using a Firewall that is blocking the application.

From Within the Application

When a Rons Place Software product has a Lite license, a minimal panel is shown at the bottom of the window showing this status. This can be seen below.

Snippet Evaluation Banner Lite

In order to obtain a Pro Evaluation license key, clicking the 'Try Pro Free' link on the panel will show the following window.

Fetch License Start Window

Clicking the 'Get License' button will contact this website to obtain a license key. If successful the following window will be shown.

Fetch License Success Window

The panel at the bottom of the main window will be updated to show how many days are left to make use of the Pro Evaluation license.

If an evaluation license cannot be obtained, for any of the reasons mentioned above the following window will be shown, and a license will need to be obtained from this website.

Fetch Licence Failure Window

From this Website

If there is a need to obtain an evaluation license from this website, there are few details that will be needed:

  • Name - for the license
  • Email address - a place to send the license
  • Computer ID - the ID of the computer on which to evaluate the application

What is the Computer ID?

The computer ID is a unique code created by Rons Place Software products that can be used to identify the computer they are running on.

It can be found on the window shown above, or on the About window, as shown below. Clicking the 'Copy' link in both cases copies the computer ID to the clipboard.

About Computer ID Window

Once the information is ready simply fill in the form by clicking the link below, and a license will be emailed to the address entered.

Getting a Full Pro License (Buying)

Our products can be purchased in one of two ways:

  • Direct from our website (including bulk licensing with discounts), using the 'Buy Now' button on the download page of each of our products.
  • A purchase request to Rons Place Software, for bulk licensing with discounts.

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