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Creating  and Managing Tags

Hello, and thank you for coming back to Rons WebLynx. In this article we shall be looking at creating tags.

But first, what is a tag? A tag is a label attached to someone or something for the purpose of identification or to give other information. In Rons WebLynx, our labels are used to add extra identification or information to the links.

Say that some interesting links for kids are stored in different folders (for instance Fun Parks/Activities Folder, Moana/Movies Folder, Chocolate Chips recipe/Recipies Folder etc...), how handy would it be to track them independently! Simply do so by creating a new tag called "kids", give it a colour and simply tag all appropriate links with it. Not only do these tags make it easy to identify the kids-friendly links in each folder thanks to the colour tag, it is also possible to get the listing of the specific tag links in one go, in one view. One can do this in the left hand panel called "Tags" (under the Folder panel).

But, before I show you how to do so, let's start by the beginning and let's create a tag and add it to a link.

To add a tag to your links, you are going to need to create one. A few have already been created for your convenience, but in this case we want to create one called "Kids". To do this, go to the folder of the link(s) you want to tag and open the Tag Side Panel.

Make sure your link is highlighted and create a new one by entering the name next to "Add Tag:" and click on the + (Add) sign. The Tag is created and a colour has automatically been attributed to it. If you would like to change the colour just highlight the tag and click on Edit either from the top menu or from the mouse right click drop-down menu. You may choose now a different colour. Tag names can also be edited here.

Creating Tags

Another place where tags can be added to a link is in the Link Edit screen (right-click on a link and select Edit). If you select the Tag tabulation you will be able to see the tags assigned to the link and you can add or remove them by using the arrows. See picture below.

Another Way to Add Tags

New tags can be created but the colour cannot be allocated there. One colour will be pick up automatically by the application. If you wish to change it you will need to do so in the tag side panel section.

Note that Links can have multiple Tags. The various coloured will be displayed next to each other.

We have now quite a lot of links that have been tagged with "Kids" but these links are located in several folders. To view all your kids-tagged links click on "Tags" in the left side panel, then select the appropriate Tag name, which in this case is "Kids". See in the picture below.

Tags View

Another very cool feature is the automatic tagging of links: As you are importing thousands of links in one go while applying automatic tagging you are able to locate very quickly any information you are looking for.

For instance, you could copy and paste the long list of links of the upcoming release of movies on the IMDB website ( into a Rons WebLynx folder and get all links containing the name of Dwayne Johnson tagged instantaneously. There we go, not only you have stored all the links of upcoming release but you also have found out Dwayne Johnson's new movies in a few seconds.

I have created a separate article to explain in detail how to create an automatic tag rule. Find out more in Automatic Link Filing: Tagging Your Links Automatically.

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