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Rons Data Stream is a Windows application for automatically processing, cleaning and/or converting one or many data sources.

Rons Data Stream is a Windows application for automatically executing repetitive tasks on small or large data sources (for example CSV files). Batches of files or folders may be cleaned, organized, and converted in one run.

The application is designed around two concepts, "Cleaners" and "Jobs", which combine to create data processing power. "Cleaners" are sets of data editing operations, and "Jobs" bring it all together to define the data sources, the destination, and the Cleaner(s) to process the data.

Cleaners provide a wealth of editing options

  • Cleaners determines the set up of data editing operations that process data.
  • Column and row selectors provide re-usable flexibility (see Feature list).
  • Column, row and cell operations are combined into simple or complex data operations (see Feature list).
  • One or more Cleaners can be created, named, saved, and shared between multiple Jobs as often as needed.

Set up the Jobs to process 100's of (large) data files in seconds

  • A Job determines the data sources, their formats, and the destination of the output files.
  • One or more cleaners can be added to any Job and shared between Jobs.
  • Jobs can be created, named, and saved. They can load data from multiple available sources and have Full control over text format.

A great conversion tool

Rons Data Stream outputs different files formats like CSV, SQLite, HTML, XML, JSON. Rons Data Stream can write data to SQL Server.

Preview Screen for clear editing

The Preview Window makes the comparison of the original data with the processed data very clear. Essential for building and checking Cleaners.

Just want to say thank you for this. I found the Rons Data Gear kit last year and was impressed by it. Rons Data Edit and Rons Data Stream were the perfect tool for the job at that time. [...] I'm thankful for this app and the unique use case it serves. Grateful and happy customer, Addis


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