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Are Rons Place Software licenses per user or per computer?

    Licenses are issued on a per user basis, within the bounds of their current operating environment (for example home or a company), as we feel that this is the most fair and normal working option for our customers.

    Example One - One License Required

    A customer buys a license for use at work, where they use a workstation, but travels with their job (using a laptop), and sometime works for their company from home.

    Example Two - Five Licenses Required

    A company has one shared machine on which five people use one installed copy of a Rons Place Software product.

    Example Three - Two Licenses Required

    A customer buys a license for personal use at home, and the company they work for buys them a license for professional use at work.

Are Rons Place Software licenses for life?

    Licenses are perpetual. Each licensed user is entitled to all minor version upgrades FREE of charge. For example, a user who purchases a license for Version 1.0 will receive Version 1.1, Version 1.2, Version 1.3, and so on FREE of charge.

Is a maintenance contract included with my purchase?

    There is no maintenance fee or contract when purchasing an application. Our goal is to provide applications with a minimum of issues and to answer most questions with our "How To" articles on our website. However, issues do sometimes happen and we highly appreciate when they are reported. In such case we do our utmost to solve them as quickly as possible. It is as much in our customers interest as in ours to do so. We are also happy to answer questions and we encourage feedback and enhancement requests. Please send them using our Contact Form.

I would like to cancel my license and receive a refund. How can I request it?

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. We want all our customers to be satisfied. Our only request is to let us know the reason of the refund request so that we can learn from the feedback. Send us a message with the request and the reason by using our Contact Form. The refund will be done within the next two days.

I haven’t received my license after I placed the order. What should I do?

    Licenses are sent immediately after placing an order. Two messages are sent: one with the invoice and one with the license key(s). The two most common reasons why messages are not immediately received are that either the messages landed in the junk/SPAM folder or that local or company wide security measures have intercepted the messages (for example antivirus or firewall). Send us a message using our Contact Form and let us know that you have not received your license. We will resend the messages to you and will request another e-mail address if necessary.

I have lost my license - How can I get it back?

    We will do our best to find it and resend it. Just send us a message using our Contact Form and try to give us as much information about the original order (date, customer name, company name, e-mail address etc.) and once we find the order in the system we will resend the license.

Where do I report an issue? Where do I send a feedback or suggestions?

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