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Green Tick Icon   Clean and Format a WEB Page
  Build Cleaners from a list of rules, and view the formatted output.
Green Tick Icon   Open and Process Word Documents
  Open and process Word documents directly within Rons HTML Cleaner.
Green Tick Icon   Easy Wizard to Create Cleaners
  Use the simple Wizard to select commonly used options to create Cleaners.
Green Tick Icon   8 powerful HTML Cleaning rules
  • Add Tag
  • Change Tag
  • Change Tag Content
  • Delete Tag
  • Set Attribute
  • Delete Attribute
  • Replace Attribute Value
  • Replace Text
  • Text Encoding
Green Tick Icon   Formatting Options
  • Remove Empty Tags
  • Remove HTML Comments
Green Tick Icon   Combine any number of rules in a Cleaner
  Any number of rules can be combined into Cleaners and saved allowing total flexibility and fast operation.
Green Tick Icon   Save Cleaners
  Saved Cleaners are listed above the processed page for quick retrieval.
Green Tick Icon   Live preview
  Instant preview of the page after being cleaned by a Cleaner.
Green Tick Icon   Batch Processing
  Scan a directory (and sub-directories) to process 100's of HTML files in seconds.
Green Tick Icon   Content Extraction
  Show the content (text and pictures) of a web page with no 'distraction'.
Green Tick Icon   Link and Resource Extraction
  View lists of links and resources from a web page.

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