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General Features

Green Tick Icon   Jobs: set up of data sources, formats and destinations
  Jobs files can be stored with the data (if the data is in a directory), or separately if needed, and run at the click of a button or from the command line.
Green Tick Icon   Cleaners: set up of cleaning rules to process data
  One or more Cleaners can be created, named, saved and re-used with multiple Jobs as often as needed.
Green Tick Icon   Rules: the list of operations to perform on the data
  Numerous column, row and cell operations are combined easily within the cleaner. See List of Rules below.
Green Tick Icon   Loads data from multiple available sources
  See Source and Destination Information below.
Green Tick Icon   Outputs to multiple formats
  Source and destination formats can be configured for simple file conversion. See Source and Destination Information below.
Green Tick Icon   Quick Job
  An alternative window for quickly setting up a cleaning Job. The Quick Job can even be saved as a full Job.
Green Tick Icon   Clean Layout
  The Data Stream window is clean and easy to use.
Light/dark mode, and theme colors available.
Green Tick Icon   Preview Screen
  Essential for building cleaning tasks. Clear comparison of the original data with the processed one.
Green Tick Icon   Log files Output
  Essential for finding errors on large files.
Green Tick Icon   Full control over text format
  Full text encoding supported: Utf-7, Utf-8, Utf-16 and Utf-32 (both big endian and little endian), with automatic detection.

List of Cleaning rules

The (growing) list of available data operations in Rons Data Stream are shown in the table below.

  • Column Processors
    • Add Column(s)
    • Update Column
    • Copy Columns
    • Move Columns
    • Delete Columns
    • Merge Columns
    • Split Columns
  • Row Processor
    • Add Row
    • Delete Row
    • Split Row
  • Cell Processors
    • Add Text
    • Add Random Text
    • Pad Text
    • Remove Text
    • Replace Text
    • Reverse Text
    • Add Space
    • Remove Space
    • Add Numbers
    • Remove Numbers
    • Replace Numbers
    • Add Date Time
    • Replace Date Time
    • Change Case
    • Split Name
    • HTML Encode
    • HTML Extract
    • Fill Lookup
    • Lookup Replace

Sources and Destinations

Rons Data Stream started life as the automation arm of Rons CSV Editor, and as such currently supports text based data formats. It soon became clear that our customers needed support for more data formats, the status of which is indicated in the table below.

Description Source Target
File Storage Files can be read directly from a local disk or Azure Blob storage. Files can be written directly to a local disk or Azure Blob storage.
Note: Azure Blob Storage does not support random access so some output formats cannot be used with it.
CSV File Separators configured per file (wild card match). Separators configurable.
Token File Tokens (more than one character) configured per file (wild card match). Tokens configurable.
Text Template N/A Generate any textual representation of the source data. For example turn a CSV file into an SQL Insert statement.
Note: Not supported in Azure Blob Storage.
SQL Server Available Source mapped to existing table or created if missing.
SQLite If requested. Available.
Note: Not supported in Azure Blob Storage.
HTML Table source available. Table output available.
XML Available. Available.
JSON Available. Available.

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