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Which CSV Editor should I choose? Rons CSV Editor or Rons Data Edit?

    We advise new customers to use Rons Data Edit.

    Rons Data Edit has recently been re-built from the ground up. In addition to the fact that it has inherited of all the great features of Rons CSV Editor, it is now very well adapted to the latest technologies and rebuilding it allowed us to add many more requested features that would have been difficult or impossible using the old technologies. It also looks better, crisper on a screen. It has new features such as view duplicates, command customization and more. Basically, it is simply better, while keeping the ease of use and efficiency that made our previous CSV Editor so popular. For more information one can read the following article where both products are compared:

    Both products can be purchased and they have the same price. Rons CSV Editor remains available because not only it is still very successful, it is still a very good application. We respect that many users feel familiar with Rons CSV Editor and prefer to extend their Rons CSV Editor number of license instead of switching for now to Rons Data Edit. However, it is important to note that no new features or enhancement request will be added to Rons CSV Editor anymore.

    For this reason anyone buying one or more Rons CSV Editor licenses can receive the same number of license for Rons Data Edit for free during the first six month after the purchase. The 100% discount coupon can be claimed on the Loyalty Discount page.

Why is the download file for Rons Data Edit called Rons Data Gear? What is Rons Data Gear?

    Rons Data Gear is the name of the software product group that contains two applications: Rons Data Edit and Rons Data Stream. Both are tightly integrated so one cannot be installed without the other. Both applications can run in either Pro (licensed) or Lite mode (free), but each application needs to be licensed separately by purchasing a license on our website. One application can be run on a Pro Mode while the other runs as Lite.

    The reason for building one install for both products is that there is considerable overlap in their functionality and even when one is licensed and one is not, both benefit from the capabilities of the other. For example Rons Data Stream adds a powerful capability to Rons Data Edit with the possibility to apply a "Cleaner" to a document with a single button click. ("Cleaners" are an element of Rons Data Stream that contain lists of actions to perform on documents).

I have lost my license - How can I get it back?

    We will do our best to find it and resend it. Just send us a message using our Contact Form and try to give us as much information about the original order (date, customer name, company name, e-mail address etc.) and once we find the order in the system we will resend the license.

Where do I report an issue? Where do I send feedback or suggestions?

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