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General Features

Green Tick Icon   Loads any tabular text format
  • Delimiter Auto Detect. Separators can be configured, to align with file extensions.
  • Import Wizard with preview for any separated format, JSON, XML, HTML and token, from a file or the clipboard.
  • Export Wizard with preview for any separated format, JSON, XML, HTML and token to a file or the clipboard.
  • Import Join with preview to add columns to a document matching rows on key columns.
  • Full text encoding supported, including Utf-7, Utf-8, Utf-16 and Utf-32, with automatic detection.
  • Line break format automatically detected and changeable.
Green Tick Icon   Clear Layout and Presentation
  • Light/dark mode, and theme colors.
  • Tabbed Document Layout, with multi-window control.
  • Location panel for easy browsing and opening of files.
  • Search and execute commands - configure their keyboard shortcuts.
  • logical side and activity panels to maintain focus.
  • Choose any font for editing.
  • Zoom.
Green Tick Icon   Full Control over Data View
  • Sort rows and columns.
  • Freeze rows and columns.
  • Hide or re-order columns.
  • Auto detected column types, and use directly in sort, filter etc.
  • Duplicate row view.
  • Quick filter and full power filter views.
  • Construct/custom views - useful for bookmarks, or combining views and filters.
Green Tick Icon   Summarize Data
  • Summary view for quick data analysis.
  • Graph Panel to visualize data with line charts, bar charts and pie graphs.
Green Tick Icon   Standard Editing
  • Inline cell editing.
  • Edit panel for long/multiline cells.
  • Include cut/copy/paste (including rows and columns).
  • Search/replace.
  • Undo/redo.
  • "Make Row Header"/"Make Header Row" to change the Header.
Green Tick Icon   Enhanced Editing functions
  • Edit Panel for cells containing tabs or line breaks, or multi-cell updates.
  • Page per Row to edit one or more rows in a form layout.
  • Split and merge rows and columns, providing powerful re-structuring and de-duplication capabilities.
  • Remove duplicate and empty rows.
  • Remove empty columns.
  • Cell fill and block operations.
Green Tick Icon   Power Editing - Toolbox

The Toolbox is the ultimate cleaning and conversion tool, with live preview and search capabilities. Its capabilities:

  • Replace
    • Text
    • Date/Time
    • Numbers
  • Text
    • Add Text
    • Add Random Text
    • Pad Text
    • Remove Text
    • Reverse Text
  • Space
    • Add Space
    • Remove Space
  • Numbers
    • Add Numbers
    • Remove Numbers
  • Date/Time
    • Add Date/Time
  • Other
    • Change Case
    • Split Name
    • HTML Encode
    • HTML Extract

For example not only can a date be converted from one format to another, all dates in a document can be easily located. Perfect for cleaning data and improving data quality.

Green Tick Icon   Power Editing - Data Cleaners
  Combine lists of Toolbox commands into Data Stream Cleaners (macros) to save hours and hours of work.
Green Tick Icon   Document Features
  • File Lock.
  • Import data by appending rows to the document, or matching rows by data values (keys) and adding the columns to the document.
  • Export to Excel directly.

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